GungaWeb Court System Order Form

For a limited time, NYS Unified Court System Judges and Law Clerks may access GungaWeb at the special annual subscription rate of $300 per chambers UserID. For each chambers UserID ordered, print this order form, supply the following information, and return to Due Process Software :

User's Name________________________________________________
User's Title________________________________________________
User's Email*________________________________________________
User's Address________________________________________________
City, State Zip________________________________________________
Tax Exempt # (if any)________________________________________________
Billing Contact Person________________________________________________
Billing Contact Email*________________________________________________
Billing Contact Phone________________________________________________
Date of Order________________________________________________
Authorized Signature________________________________________________

*New users will be notified by email of UserID and initial Password upon account activation and a PDF invoice will emailed to the billing email address specified. When ordering, indicate both User's email, and an email address for billing purposes.

Email scanned completed order form to

Or, return completed order form to:

Due Process Software
P.O. Box 433
Catskill, New York 12414