GungaWeb Lawfirm Order Form

For a limited time, Lawfirms may obtain access to GungaWeb through our simple "one hour a month" pricing plan : Certify your firm's lowest regular billable hourly rate - that will be your monthly subscription charge. When your order is complete, you will be issued a single Lawfirm UserID, that may be freely shared by all members of your firm. For each Lawfirm UserID ordered, print, complete and return this order form :

City, State Zip________________________________________________
Requested Lawfirm UserID ________________________________________________
User Email*________________________________________________
Billing Contact Person________________________________________________
Billing Contact Email*________________________________________________
Billing Contact Phone________________________________________________
Lowest Billed Hourly Rate**________________________________________________
Date of Order________________________________________________
Authorized Signature________________________________________________

*New users will be notified by email of UserID and initial Password upon account activation and a PDF invoice will emailed to the billing email address specified. When ordering, indicate both User's email, and an email address for billing purposes.

**"Lowest Billed Hourly Rate" is the amount your firm regularly charges its clients for legal work performed by first year associate attorneys.

Email scanned completed order form to

Or, return completed order form to:

Due Process Software
P.O. Box 433
Catskill, New York 12414