"So, What Can You Show Me about GungaWeb?"

Quick Tour : Here are the Main Features of GungaWeb:

Practical Applications : If you'd like an immediate demonstration of how these features can be used in practice, here are some scenarios from various perspectives. Viewers with expertise or good research skills may want first to try their hands at answering the questions posed themselves. Then, click to view a manually researched answer, and compare time spent and results achieved to results obtained from GungaWeb's automated systems.

Defense Analysis of a Plea Bargain
Prosecution Analysis of a Plea Bargain
A Plea Bargain Question for the Court
A Meeting of the Minds on Sentencing?
A Sentencing Question for the People
Attempts and Additions for Court Clerks
A Sentencing Question for the Law Clerk
A Jury Instruction Question
A Problem in Juvenile Plea Bargaining
A Tough Sentencing Question Explored

Academic Pedigree : GungaWeb is the result of years of research and development that has been summarized at several conferences in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Law, and in several academic publications. For those of you with scholarly dispositions, details are available here.

Who Is It For? Defense Attorneys, Prosecutors, Judges, Law Clerks, Court Personnel, Paralegals, Probation Officers, Journalists, Law Professors, Librarians, and Legal Researchers in and outside of New York State all can benefit from this program. The above tour and examples have just scratched the surface, and have hardly covered such exciting new developments as the Offense Builder modules currently being integrated into selected Penal Law articles. Your research has everything to gain, and you have nothing to lose, by giving GungaWeb a try.

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