"Why are Sentencing Reports such a popular feature of GungaWeb?"

Sentencing in New York is positively byzantine, and getting worse each year. Sentencing options available to the court include state prison, local jail, probation, conditional and unconditional discharges and fines in various amounts, alone or in different combinations. Sentence additions include restitution, civil surcharges, DNA and sex offender registration requirements and fees. Certain sentences and combinations of penalties are mandatory, others are discretionary, still others are forbidden. Rules are triggered by classification of offense, type of offense, date of offense, status of offender, and other factors. Rules and provisos are scattered throughout Penal Law sentencing articles, sections of the Criminal Procedure Law, buried in sections defining substantive offenses, and various collateral consolidated chapters such as the Corrections Law and the Executive Law.

On your next case, you can take a couple of hours and look them all up by hand . . .
Or, you can click one button and let GungaWeb make sense of it all in seconds. The choice is yours.

Let's take a look at a typical report . . .

One picture just sort of says it all, I think.

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